Lee Broom


Solstice references the prehistoric monument Stonehenge and its spiritual rituals around the Summer and Winter Solstices. The illuminated opaque glass globe of Solstice alludes to the sun, and the square brass structure which encases the globe references the monolithic form of the stone. Taking cues from 1960s lighting design, Sostice is where mid-century meets midsummer.

Created as a single pendant, multiple fixtures can also be connected together to create a tower of light comprising of two or of three globes. And just as the earth rotates and the sun moves with the celestial sphere, each Solstice can be rotated creating your own heavenly formation.

Constructed from brushed brass in a classic or blackened finish, Solstice has also been imagined as a surface mounted sconce which stands elegantly poised as it meets the surface of the wall.

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